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A–Z of Big Data, Cloud Computing, and SDN Speakers at Cloud Expo New York

Cloud Computing is booming and so is Cloud Expo – now with Big Data and Software-Defined Networking as fully integrated themes

Cloud Computing is booming and so is Cloud Expo – now with Big Data and Software-Defined Networking as fully integrated themes.

Here are the nine tracks we are serving up for you June 10–13 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center and below this brief note from me is a complete A–Z of our upcoming speakers:

Track 1: Enterprise Cloud Computing
Track 2: Big Data
Track 3: SDN & Networking Innovations
Track 4: Cloud Computing & Big Data
Track 5: Infrastructure Management | Virtualization
Track 6: Cloud Architecture & Engineering
Track 7: Cloud Storage, Security & Performance
Track 8: Hot Topics
Track 9: Deploying the Cloud

Register to attend 12th Cloud Expo | Cloud Expo New York and you get full entry too to both 3rd International Big Data Expo and our first-ever SDN Expo. Four content-rich days with three closely integrated themes in one convenient location! 

Whether you are a large enterprise, a growing business, a government organization, or a service provider, Cloud Expo New York is THE place you need to be June 10–13. Register today, and save yourself $500!

Full Conference Pass holders (Golden Pass) receive free entry to our ever-popular Cloud Computing Bootcamp [view Agenda here]. There are other Special Events too, such as CloudCamp and both Cloud Essentials and Virtualization Essentials certification.

That boom you hear? That's the Cloud. Join us in just over five weeks' time in New York City, and become a part of it yourself!

Jeremy Geelan
Conference Chair
12th Cloud Expo / 3rd International Big Data Expo


Speaker Line-up 12th Cloud Expo / Cloud Expo New York includes...

Anand Akela - Oracle
Your Fast Track to Enterprise Private Cloud
Track: Deploying the Cloud

Anand Akela is Sr. Principal Product Director at Oracle
Charles Anyimi - Intel Corp.
Basics of SSD Technology and its use in Cloud
Track: Cloud Storage, Security & Performance

Charles Anyimi is Applications Engineering Data Center Manager at Intel Corp.
Wayne Ariola - Parasoft
Testing Cloud Applications
Track: Cloud Storage, Security & Performance

Wayne Ariola is Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development at Parasoft
Greg Arnette - Sonian
Five Secrets to Cloud Cost Control
Track: Hot Topics

Greg Arnette is Founder & CTO of Sonian
Dr. David Bader - Georgia Institute of Technology
The Answer to Data Scientist Scarcity: Automation
Track: Cloud Computing & Big Data

David A. Bader is Executive Director of HPC, Georgia Institute of Technology
William Bain - ScaleOut Software, Inc
Real-Time Analytics Using In-Memory Data Grids
Track: Big Data

Dr. William L. Bain is founder and CEO of ScaleOut Software
Ruediger Baumann - Zimory
Developing the World's First IaaS Marketplace
Track: Deploying the Cloud

Ruediger Baumann is the CEO of Zimory
Ruediger Baumann - Zimory
Developing the World's First IaaS Marketplace
Track: Deploying the Cloud

Ruediger Baumann is the CEO of Zimory
Rishi Bhargava - McAfee, Inc.
Is Cloud Safer Than Your Traditional Datacenter?
General Session

Rishi Bhargava is Vice President at McAfee
Sam Bisbee - Cloudant
NoSQL & Big Data, The No "BS" Edition
Track: Big Data

Sam Bisbee is the Director of Technical Business Development at Cloudant
Christian Black - Intel Corp
Getting the Most From Hadoop Development
Track: Big Data

Chris Black is a Data Center Solutions Architect at Intel Corp.
Ronald Bradford - Effective MySQL
Managing Large AWS Environments
Track: Infrastructure Management | Virtualization

Ronald Bradford is Founder & CEO of Effective MySQL
Chuck Brown - Intel Corp
Accelerating Cloud Computing with SSD Technology
Track: Deploying the Cloud

Chuck Brown is Intel Data Center SSD Product Line Manager at Intel Corp.
Mike Capone - ADP
Driving Customer Advantage via the Cloud
Track: Deploying the Cloud

Mike Capone is Chief Information Officer for ADP
Cédric Carbone - Talend
The Big Challenge of Big Data & Hadoop Integration
Track: Big Data

Cédric Carbone is CTO of Talend
Dan Carr - IBM
Optimizing Virtual Environments for Maximum Business Value
Track: Infrastructure Management | Virtualization

Dan Carr is an Executive IT Architect in IBM Software Group
Mark Casey - CFN Services
Network Transformation = High-Performance Cloud Enablement
Track: SDN & Networking Innovations

Mark Casey is the President and CEO of CFN Services
Bala Chandran - MicroStrategy
Your Secret Weapon in the Big Data War
Track: Cloud Computing & Big Data

Bala Chandran is Cloud Platform manager at MicroStrategy
Neil Cohen - Akamai Technologies
Lunchtime Focus Keynote - Akamai
Lunchtime Focus Keynote - Akamai

Neil Cohen is Vice President of Global Product Marketing at Akamai
John Considine - Verizon Terremark
General Session - Verizon Terremark
General Session - Verizon Terremark

John Considine is CTO at Verizon Terremark
Ed Conzel - Dell
Cloud Without the Management Headaches
Track: Infrastructure Management | Virtualization

Ed Conzel is Director of Product Management, Open Source Cloud at Dell
Robert B. Crooke - Intel Corp
Day 3 Keynote | Driving Cloud Innovation: SSDs Change Cloud Storage Paradigm
Day 3 Keynote

Robert (Rob) Crooke is a Corporate VP & General Manager at Intel Corp.
Rado Danilak - Skyera
Flash Memory Can Be Primary Storage for the Cloud...Now
Track: Cloud Storage, Security & Performance

Rado Danilak is the CEO at Skyera
Brian Patrick Donaghy - Appcore
How Private Cloud Works in Real Life
Track: Deploying the Cloud

Brian Patrick Donaghy is CEO of Appcore
Cary Dym - Alcatel-Lucent
General Session | Joint Cloud Solution and Architecture
General Session

Cary Dym is a Cloud Solutions Business Development Leader at Alcatel-Lucent
Gene Eun - Oracle
General Session | 10 Myths of Cloud Computing
General Session

Gene Eun is Sr. Director, Oracle Cloud at Oracle
Ty Fabling - Esri
Cloud Computing & Location-Aware Big Data
Track: Cloud Computing & Big Data

Ty Fabling is a Sr. Enterprise GIS Systems Architect at Esri
Alistair Farquharson - SOA Software
General Session | Using APIs for Better Business Partnerships
General Session

Alistair Farquharson is CTO of SOA Software
Alistair Farquharson - SOA Software
APIs and Services – One Platform or Two?
Track: Cloud Architecture & Engineering

Alistair Farquharson is CTO of SOA Software
Matt Ferrari - HOSTING
Cloud Replication Can Turn DR into DRaaS
Track: Cloud Storage, Security & Performance

Matt Ferrari is Chief Technology Officer at HOSTING
Tim Halpin - AT&T
How to Stop Worrying and Love Your Cloud
Track: Cloud Computing & Big Data

Tim Halpin is Director Cloud Services – Adoption and Utilization at AT&T
Richard Hand - INetU Managed Hosting
Private Cloud, Public Cloud - Is There a Third Option?
Track: Infrastructure Management | Virtualization

Rich Hand is Cloud Architect at INetU Managed Hosting
Andrew Hillier - CiRBA
Why Is There No Clous Capacity Management?
Track: Enterprise Cloud Computing

Andrew Hillier is Co-Founder & CTO of CiRBA
Hart Hoover - Rackspace Hosting
Isolated Networks in the Cloud
Track: SDN & Networking Innovations

Hart Hoover is a Cloud Strategist at Rackspace Hosting
Judith Hurwitz - Hurwitz & Associates
Why Big Data is Really About Small Data
Track: Big Data

Judith S. Hurwitz is President and CEO of Hurwitz & Associates
Cory Isaacson - CodeFutures Corporation
Scaling Big Data in the Cloud
Track: Cloud Computing & Big Data

Cory Isaacson is CEO/CTO of CodeFutures Corporation
Alon Israely - Business Intelligence Associates
What Big Data Means for Legal and Risk Management
Track: Big Data

Alon Israely is Co-Founder of Business Intelligence Associates
Erik Iversen - SHI International
License Management: Now What?
Track: Hot Topics

Erik Iversen leads the Software Asset Management team at SHI International
Phil Jackson - SoftLayer
Anatomy of an Internet Scale Application
Track: Hot Topics

Phil Jackson is Development Community Advocate for SoftLayer
Marc Jones - SoftLayer
Big Data Solutions in a Bare Metal Cloud
Track: Big Data

Marc Jones serves as Vice President of Product Innovation for SoftLayer
Raj Kammend - Oracle
Providing Oracle DBaaS with a Private Cloud
Track: Cloud Architecture & Engineering

Raj Kammend is Director of Product Strategy at Oracle
Eli Karpilovski - Mellanox Technologies
The Promise of an End-To-End SDN Solution
Track: SDN & Networking Innovations

Eli Karpilovski manages the Cloud Market Development at Mellanox Technologies
Mike Kavis - Kavis Technology Consulting
Cloud is Changing the Economics of Business
Track: Hot Topics

Mike Kavis is Chief Technologist at Kavis Technology Consulting
Patrick Kerpan - CohesiveFT
OpenFlow is SDN Yet SDN is Not Only OpenFlow
Track: SDN & Networking Innovations

Patrick Kerpan is the CEO and co-founder of CohesiveFT
Omar Khawaja - Verizon Terremark
Aligning Your Cloud Security with the Business
Track: Hot Topics

Omar Khawaja is Global Principal, Security Solutions, at Verizon Terremark
Michael Kopp - Compuware
APM Meets Big Data – Making Your Hadoop Jobs Faster
Track: Big Data

Michael Kopp is a technology strategist at Compuware
Shaun Krueger - AppFirst
Utilizing a Pod Architecture to Scale
Track: Big Data

Shaun Krueger is Lead Software Developer at AppFirst
Ed Laczynski - Datapipe
Deploying Hybrid Cloud for Performance and Uptime
Track: Cloud Storage, Security & Performance

Ed Laczynski is VP of Cloud Strategy & Architecture at Datapipe
Edwin Lam - Innodisk
Efficiencies for Cloud Hardware
Track: Cloud Storage, Security & Performance

Edwin Lam is Senior FA Engineer at Innodisk Corp
Rob LaMear IV - Fpweb.net
CEO Insider: Overcoming Cloud Barriers
Track: Cloud Computing & Big Data

Rob LaMear IV is CEO & Founder of Fpweb.net
Lisa Larson - Rackspace
Day 3 Keynote | Ignite Innovation: Turn Your Developers Loose on Hybrid Cloud
Day 3 Keynote

Lisa Larson is the Vice President of Enterprise Technical Sales for Rackspace
Sheng Liang - Citrix Systems
Day 4 Keynote | Go Beyond IaaS to Deliver "Anything As a Service"
Day 4 Keynote

Sheng Liang is CTO Cloud Platforms Group, Citrix Systems
David Linthicum - Cloud Technology Partners
Calculating the True Value of Industry-Specific Clouds
Track: Hot Topics

David Linthicum is Sr. VP at Cloud Technology Partners
Mathew Lodge - VMware
Why is Hybrid Cloud Necessary for Enterprise?
Track: Cloud Architecture & Engineering

Mathew Lodge is VP of VMware's Cloud Services group
Jeff Lundberg - Hitachi Data Systems
Environmental Pressures Driving an Evolution in File Storage
Track: Cloud Storage, Security & Performance

Jeff Lundberg is senior product marketing manager for file, content and cloud at HDS
Tim Mackey - Citrix
XenServer in Datacenters of the Future
Track: Infrastructure Management | Virtualization

Tim Mackey is a XenServer Evangelist at Citrix
Nathan McBride - AMAG Pharmaceuticals
AMAG's Secret Sauce for a Scalable Enterprise Cloud Model
Track: Deploying the Cloud

Nathan McBride is Vice President IT at AMAG Pharmaceuticals
Todd M. Moore - IBM
Undertanding Security Challenges for Cloud Computing
Track: Cloud Storage, Security & Performance

Todd M. Moore is Director of Interoperability and Partnerships at IBM
Barry Morris - NuoDB
Requirements of a Cloud Database
Track: Deploying the Cloud

Barry Morris is CEO & Co-Founder of NuoDB
K. Scott Morrison - Layer 7 Technologies
Patterns to Bring Enterprise and Social Identity to the Cloud
Track: Enterprise Cloud Computing

Scott Morrison is the CTO Chief Architect at Layer 7 Technologies
Matt Mullins - Citrix
Best Practices for Architecting Your Cloud Infrastructure
Track: Deploying the Cloud

Matt Mullins is a Principal Consultant with Citrix
Arun Nagarajan - Google
How To Use Google Apps Script
Track: Hot Topics

Arun Nagarajan is a Sr. Developer Advocate at Google
Alan Nugent - Boston CTO Group
Why Big Data is Really About Small Data
Track: Big Data

Alan Nugent is Co-Founder of the Boston CTO Group
Greg O'Connor - AppZero
Move to the Cloud and Modernize in One Step
Track: Hot Topics

Greg O'Connor is President & CEO of AppZero
Pavan Pant - Verizon Terremark
The True Cost of Moving to the Cloud
Track: Enterprise Cloud Computing

Pavan Pant is Director of Product Management for Verizon Terremark
Dan Pepper - Pepper Law Group, LLC
Managing Legal Risks in Cloud Computing
Track: Hot Topics

Daniel A. Pepper, Esq. is the managing member of Pepper Law Group, LLC
Jennifer Phillips - CoreMatrix
Social Marketing in the Cloud
Track: Hot Topics

Jennifer Phillips is Discipline Lead, Cloud Consulting Services, at CoreMatrix
Richard Place - SHI
General Session | Backup, Recovery, Archiving, and the Cloud
General Session

Rich Place has overall responsibility for SHI's Cloud Services
Richard Place - SHI
Backup, Recovery, Archiving, and the Cloud
Track: Cloud Architecture & Engineering

Rich Place has overall responsibility for SHI's Cloud Services
Kedar Poduri - Citrix Systems
General Session | Citrix and Alcatel Lucent Joint Cloud Solution and Architecture
General Session

Kedar Poduri is Director of Product Management, Cloud Platform Group, at Citrix
Kedar Poduri - Citrix Systems
Private Cloud Planning and Design
Track: Enterprise Cloud Computing

Kedar Poduri is Director of Product Management, Cloud Platform Group, at Citrix
Tahmid Rahman - Intel Corp
Optimizing SSD Performance for the Cloud OSV Environment
Track: Cloud Storage, Security & Performance

Tahmid Rahman is an Intel Applications Engineer
Tahmid Rahman - Intel Corp
Accelerating Cloud Computing with Intel SSD
Track: Deploying the Cloud

Tahmid Rahman is an Intel Applications Engineer
Andrew Renz - Code 42
Why File Sync is NOT Endpoint Backup
Track: Cloud Architecture & Engineering

Andrew Renz is Principal Enterprise Engineer at Code 42
David Reoch - Gigamon
See Inside Your Cloud
Track: Infrastructure Management | Virtualization

David Reoch is Sr. Director of Cloud Solutions at Gigamon
Paul Rogers - GE Software
General Session | When Cloud Meets Enterprise — Building Clouds for Complex IT Environments
General Session

Paul Rogers is chief development officer for GE's Global Software Headquarters
Paul Rogers - GE Software
Interconnected Machines and the Future of Energy
Track: Hot Topics

Paul Rogers is chief development officer for GE's Global Software Headquarters
Henrik Rosendahl - Quantum Corporation
Predicting the Future of Cloud Based Data Protection
Track: Cloud Computing & Big Data

Henrik Rosendahl is Sr. Vice President, Cloud Solutions, at Quantum Corporation
Majed Saadi - SRA International
Building the Case for a Cloud-Based Government
Track: Deploying the Cloud

Majed Saadi is the Director of the Cloud Computing Practice at SRA International
Dr. Daniel Sabbah - IBM
Opening Keynote | Convergence & Interoperability Will Define Next-Generation Cloud Architectures
Opening Keynote

Dr. Daniel Sabbah is CTO and GM, Next Generation Platform, at IBM Corp.
Ajit Sagar - Infosys
Delivering Digital Marketing on the Cloud
Track: Hot Topics

Ajit Sagar is Associate VP, Digital Transformation Practice at Infosys
Emil Sayegh - Codero Hosting
Cloud Computing Needs a Hybrid to Thrive
Track: Cloud Architecture & Engineering

Emil Sayegh is President & CEO of Codero Hosting
Swaroop Sayeram - McAfee, Inc.
Make Sure Security Isn't An Afterthought
Track: Cloud Storage, Security & Performance

Swaroop Sayeram is a Group Product Manager at McAfee
Marc Sewtz - Oracle
Build Modern Business Apps with Oracle Cloud
Track: Enterprise Cloud Computing

Marc Sewtz is a Senior Software Development Manager at Oracle
Nati Shalom - GigaSpaces Technologies
Big Data on OpenStack
Track: Cloud Computing & Big Data

Nati Shalom, Founder and CTO at GigaSpaces
Sanjay Sharma - Impetus Technologies
Building a Real Time Analytics Platform in the Cloud
Track: Big Data

Sanjay Sharma is Principal Architect at Impetus
Jill Tummler Singer - Tummler Singer Associates
Time to Mission @ the Speed of Cloud
Track: Enterprise Cloud Computing

Jill Tummler Singer is the CEO for Tummler Singer Associates
Duke Skarda - SoftLayer
General Session | Evolving Cloud Computing Models: Comparing Public Virtual, Bare Metal and Private Clouds
General Session

Duke Skarda is CTO of SoftLayer
Craig Sowell - IBM
General Session | Rethink IT and Reinvent Business with IBM SmartCloud
General Session

Craig Sowell the Vice President for IBM SmartCloud Marketing
Esther Spanjer - SMART Storage Systems
Lowering Storage TCO: Understanding SSD
Track: Cloud Storage, Security & Performance

Esther Spanjer is Director of SSD Technical Marketing at SMART Storage Systems
Paul Speciale - Appcara
Launching Hadoop into the Cloud in Three Clicks
Track: Cloud Computing & Big Data

Paul Speciale is Chief Marketing Officer at Appcara
Krishna Subramanian - Citrix
Lunchtime Focus Keynote | How CIOs are Transforming to the Cloud – Lessons From the Real World
Lunchtime Focus Keynote

Krishna Subramanian is VP Marketing & Business Development at Citrix Systems
Radhika Subramanian - Emcien
The Answer to Data Scientist Scarcity: Automation
Track: Cloud Computing & Big Data

Radhika Subramanian is CEO of Emcien
Richard Taggart - SHI
Best CIO Practices Shared from SHI's Customers
Track: Hot Topics

Rich Taggart is CTO at SHI
Everett Toews - Rackspace Hosting
Documentation Can Make or Break Your Cloud Platform
Track: Cloud Architecture & Engineering

Everett Toews is a Developer Advocate at Rackspace
Joe Vaccaro - Citrix Systems
Delivering Desktop-as-a-Service (Project Avalon)
Track: Hot Topics

Joe Vaccaro is Director, Project Management at Citrix Systems
Jelle Frank van der Zwet - Interxion
A Better Network to the Cloud for Enterprises
Track: SDN & Networking Innovations

Jelle Frank (JF) van der Zwet is the Global Marketing Manager for Interxion
Nicos Vekiarides - TwinStrata
Big Data into a Small Storage Package
Track: Cloud Computing & Big Data

Nicos Vekiarides is the CEO & Co-Founder of TwinStrata

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